Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why do I need to register a personal e-mail address?

Elros is a fully automated, internet-based rental system for pedelecs of the Rostocker Straßenbahn AG. We need your e-mail address to provide you with the monthly bill, which lists your trips and costs. This saves the cost of postal delivery and is gentle to the environment. If you are a tourist or single user you do not need to register. You can get the elros day ticket from sales partners of Rostocker Straßenbahn as well as from the customer service center in Rostock Lütten Klein.

  • Do I decide for a particular station when signing up?

No. Once you are approved as elros user (except users of “elros day ticket” - collection and return occur at the same station), you can use all five stations of our rental system.

  • Do I need a driving license for using the elros pedelecs?

No. For journeys by elros pedelecs you need no license.

  • Do I have to wear a helmet while cycling?

No, in Germany there is no legal obligation for cyclists. However, for your own safety, we recommend wearing a bicycle safety helmet.

  • Am I allowed to lend the elros pedelec to any person?

No. You are not allowed not lend the elros pedelec to other persons.

  • Am I insured while driving with the elros pedelec?

The use of elros pedelec is at your own risk. RSAG recommends that the user take out private third-party liability insurance.

  • Can I transport the elros pedelec in buses, trams or trains?

Yes. You can use buses, trams as well as trains. But you have the fee for the bicycle transport by yourself. At the ticket machines you can buy a bicycle ticket.

Questions to rental conditions/prices

  • How do I charge my elros customer account?

Your elros customer account can be recharged via credit card or “giropay” on the Internet. If you prefer to recharge personally, you can do this in a customer center of the Rostocker Straßenbahn AG. There you can pay by cash or with EC-card. 

  • How long can I rent an elros pedelec?

The maximum usage is 24 hours – even overlapping days: e.g. today from 14.00 until tomorrow 14.00. 

  • How can I reserve an elros pedelec?

Up to four weeks in advance you can easily book on the Website - with any web-enabled PC or Smartphone. For log in you need your user name (e-mail address) and your personal password.

  • Can I rent an elros pededec without prior reservation at the station?

Are pedelecs available, you can rent spontaneously at any rental station. 

  • Can I renttwoelrospedelecat the same time?

No. With your elros customer card you can rent only one elros pedelec at the same time.

  • My journey takes longer than planned. Could I extend my reservation?

No, the reservation cannot be extended. If your journey is taking longer, you can drop the elros pedelec up to 15 minutes after the reserved return time without extra cost. A later return is only possible on payment of an overrun surcharge - €5 per hour started (for day ticket users only in the office of partner agency).

  • Can I return the elros pedelec also at another station than the reserved?

Subject to availability, you can return the elros pedelec for a fee of EUR 2.00 at a different station as reserved.

  • If I return the elros pedelec is then always a box free?

Normally, yes, because when booking you opt for a specific drop off location. In exceptional cases, it may even come to a door lock. You can get help if you call the RSAG Service line: +49 381 802 1900

What do I do in case of theft, accidents, pedelec damage?

  • What should I do if I have an accident?

In the case of accidents you have to inform the police as well as the RSAG Service line:
+49 381 802 1900

  • What should I doin case of theft?

If the elros pedelec was stolen, please contact immediately the police as well as the RSAG Service Line: +49 381 802 1900. You are obliged to provide us with the police file number and to bring us the key of front wheel frame lock.

  • After removal from the box, I have found a damaged pedelec – what should I do?

Place the pedelec back into the box and log in using your elros customer card at the terminal. When you report the elros pedelec defective within the first 15 minutes, no fee will be charged. If you have a camera at hand, we would be very grateful for a photo of the damaged pedelec. Please send this photo via e-mail to the following address:

  • What should I do if I have a breakdown while I was driving?

If you notice that your elros pedelec is no longer roadworthy, stop driving immediately and place the pedelec off safely. You can get help if you call the RSAG Service line: +49 381 802 1900

  • My reserved elros pedelec has a defect. Can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately, in this case, we can’t provide you with another pedelec. However, depending on availability, you can rent another elros pedelec at the same station.

  • In case of breakdown - how do I get to my destination? Can I go with a defective elros pedelec on tram or bus?

You can get help if you call the RSAG Service line: +49 381 802 1900

We decide case by case whether you are permitted to take the elros pedelec in our means of public transport.

Questions about the technology of the elros-Pedelec

  • What speed reaches the elros pedelecs?

The motor of the pedelec supports up to a speed of 25 km/h. If you want to go faster, you have to do this with your own muscle power. We ask you to drive at a reasonable speed so as not to endanger yourself and others.

  • How far can I drive with the battery?

The average battery range is 60 kilometers. The actual range depends on the weight of the driver, driving style, temperature, the weight of the luggage, topography of the terrain and the chosen level of support.

  • Can I charge the elros pedelec at home?

No. The charging process is controlled by software - elros pedelecs can be charged only in a rental station of Rostocker Straßenbahn AG.

  • What is the total weight?

The elros pedelec weights about 30 kg, and has a gross vehicle weight of 160 kg. The bicycle basket has an allowable load of 20 kg. Please remember to back up your luggage properly.

  • How can I secure the elros pedelec against theft?

The front wheel frame lock can also be connected to a cable lock. So you can connect the elros pedelec to bike racks or similar. Always lock the elros pedelec, even if you leave it for a short moment.

Territory of usage of the elros-pedelecs

  • Can I drive with the elros pedelecs e. g. up to Ribnitz-Damgarten?

No. The territory of usage of the elros pedelecs is extended to the area of the Hanseatic City of Rostock and the county of Rostock.

  • Can I drive through the Warnow Tunnel?

The passage through the Warnow Tunnel is not allowed for cyclists. Please use the crossing of the Warnow passenger ferries in the districts of Rostock Warnemünde and Rostock Gehlsdorf.

  • How do I get from the districts Rostock Lütten Klein/Rostock Warnemünde to the overseas port?

Please use the passenger ferries in the districts of Rostock Warnemünde and Rostock Gehlsdorf.

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